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Our principles

  • We build trust and long-term relationships with our clients. But don’t confuse that with ‘we make our clients dependent on us’. On the contrary, our goal is to create adaptive organisations with the capacity to change for themselves, not to have change done for them.


  • We thrive on using our innovation & creativity. We can do all the right-brain stuff, but to take people with you, you have to capture people’s imaginations. That’s what Orchard is best at.


  • We see equality and diversity as being key to the health of any society and organisation.   We recognise that some people have bigger obstacles to overcome than others, but passionately believe that everybody has the ability to fulfil their potential.


  • We don’t have all the answers and we are learning and continuously improving as a business. We practice what we preach and if we were ever to stop caring about our own development, we’d call it a day!


  • On the learning and development side. We like to keep things short and snappy. We recognise that the days of lengthy and traditional classroom-based learning programmes (that were always pretty boring but made the trainers rich) are long gone. Orchard offers a more flexible, approach that breaks things into bite-sized chunks.   We have developed the following model that recognises learning to be multi-dimensional, with the individual at the centre.


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