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Jobcentre and Council co-location is first in London

Despite very challenging timescales, Orchard has successfully programme managed the first Jobcentre and Council co-location in London, as reported in the Surrey Comet:


Orchard teams up with big players to deliver Better Working

Orchard has teamed up with some of the biggest players in Construction, Property Management and IT to deliver Better Working for the London Borough of Kingston.  Orchard has been commissioned by Kingston to provide overall programme management for 'Better Working' an ambitious programme of change including remodelled offices, new Google-based technology, transformed working practices and the co-location of Job Centre Plus.


Mace are project managing the Property workstream, which will be delivered by Facilities Management providers Engie.  Kingston is already using Google as its main technology platforms, and Better Working will include a major refresh of IT hardware focusing on Chrome devices.  This is all key to developing an agile working culture that will stand Kingson in good stead in the years ahead.


Colocating Kingston's Job Centre Plus within Kingston Guildhall will bring in income for the Council in excess of £400k a year. 

Sharing HR at Kingston and Sutton

Orchard Learning and Development Limited has been working with the London Boroughs of Kingston and Sutton to create an HR Shared Service, following the break-up of these council's partnerships with Richmond and Merton respectively.  Because of the nature of this project external HR Consultancy was required as the HR staff themselves were affected by the change.  Jonathan Smale was brought in because of his HR background and expertise, as well as previous experience of these sorts of projects and a strong working relationship with both boroughs.  Jonathan's work has included advising on the de-coupling of previous arrangements, TUPE and organisational design consultation, and leading the work to create an operating model and structure that is fit for the future and able to succeed in a more commercial marketplace.  

Merton files go digital!

Piles of paper will soon be a thing of the past in Merton's offices

As a spin-off from the work Orchard has been doing with the London Borough of Merton around implementing new ways of working, lead consultant, Jonathan Smale, has been commissioned to oversee the scanning of the Council's estimated 10 million plus pages of paper documents.  'There are two aspects to this', says Jonathan, 'digital archiving - which is scanning old documents that are no longer live but have to be kept, and scanning live documents into the organisation's new document management system.  A speicalist scanning company, Hertforshire-based MISL, have been procured to undertake the bulk of the scanning work, with some scanning done in house if required.  'This project will bring many benefits' Jonathan explains, 'enabling easier access and portability, better security, not to mention saving space and the financial benefit that brings in terms of lower property and archive storage costs'.

Supporting the One Kingston Programme

Orchard is really pleased to be working with the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames again, supporting phase 2 of it's One Kingston Programme.  This includes developing a set of One Kingston business principles to provide the programme with focus and direction, helping the HR service to develop its Organisational Development offering and leading its 'Ways of Working' project to develop an agile working culture that will make the Council and its partners more adaptable and resilient in the future. Orchard has also been commissioned to deliver Leading Change workshops for its managers.

Merton - another London Borough client!

Orchard is pleased to announce a new working relationship with another London Borough - Merton.  From April 2013, Director and Lead Consultant, Jonathan Smale, will be managing the implementation of their flexible working programme which aims to introduce new ways of working to the council through the roll-out of mobile technology and the redesign of office accommodation.  As well as the significant savings this will bring through the rationalisation of Merton's property assets, it will create the type of agile working culture that will enable it to adapt more easily in the face of future challenges.


'Merton's vision for this programme is ambitious and it's very exciting to be working with them to help them to deliver the benefits', said Jonathan.

Merton Civic Centre, where working practices are set to be transformed

Orchard's back in Barnet!

The London Borough of Barnet's 'One Barnet' transformation programme is radically changing its whole business operating model and has made it one of the most talked-about local authorities in the country.


Within this context of dramatic change, Orchard Learning and Development Limited has been commissioned to support teams and managers to enable them to face up to the challenges of the future as successfully as possible.  From March 2013, Orchard's lead consultant, Jonathan Smale will be facilitating team building and providing leadership and career development coaching in a number of areas.


"Barnet has been one of our most valued clients in the past but it's over two years since we worked together" said Jonathan.  "It's amazing how much the organisation has changed in such a small space of time.  I'm really pleased that Orchard is back at Barnet and helping its people to face the future challenges with confidence." 


Barnet Council's North London Business Park Offices

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Jobcentre and Council co-location is first in London


Orchard teams up with the big players to deliver Better Working


Sharing HR at Kingston and Sutton


Digital archiving - 5 million images and counting!


Merton files go digital!


Supporting the One Kingston Programme

Merton - another London Borough client!


Orchard's back in Barnet!


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